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The New World Of Human Resources

"I need an HR Manager." Today, what does that even mean? With technology replacing virtually all levels of administration and record keeping, the need for an "HR Manager" has been greatly reduced.

In 2003, the ratio of HR professionals to Employees was 1:40. Today, its about 1:150. So when you say, "I need an HR Manager," what do you want that person to do?

In this video, we'll explain the realities of today's Human Resources and how you can save tens of thousands of dollars by using outsourcing strategically and effectively.

Technology has eliminated 90% of HR tasks. So it doesn’t make sense to spend $100,000+ per year for a full-time HR person for your small or medium size business. Outsourcing HR provides you with:

  • targeted expertise;

  • manage complex employee relations issues;

  • ensure compliance with the numerous local, state and federal labor laws; and

  •  proactively ensure the success of your workforce.


Symmetry HR Outsourcing gets boots on the ground at your business, proactively identifies issues before they become problems and works with you and your team to design customized solutions that work for you.

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