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A Quick Process

If you would like more information to help you decide if this is the right solution for you, follow the simple process outlined below!


Fill in the Initial Intake Form below to schedule a Discovery Call.


Once your meeting is held – the decision is yours – if you’d like to proceed or simply prefer to do nothing about your HR needs.


If you’re ready to go, we’ll send you an engagement letter and payment information.


Once we receive that information, we’ll get in touch to schedule a Trajectory Call with your new HR Advisor, and you’re off and running!

What's a
Discovery Call?

This is a 20-minute Zoom call with one of our team members, who will answer all your questions about Symmetry’s Virtual HR programs. In addition, we’ll being asking you questions that can help us advise you as to what the best program for you and your business is. By the end of this call, you’ll have clarity on what Symmetry can do for you.

What's a
Trajectory Call?

Now that you’ve made the decision to have a Virtual HR Manager/Director, it’s time to actually meet that person! During a Zoom call, you’ll get to know your dedicated advisor, and they’ll get to know you as well. After discussing priorities and issues, your Advisor will set up a timeline to get started with your Procedural Review/HR Compliance Audit, as well as a review of your employee handbook and schedule any other meetings necessary to get you up and running, on your way to becoming more compliant and reducing risk.

Easy enough! Start now by filling out the Intake Form below.

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