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Ten HR Priorities you cannot ignore in 2023
  1. Review compensation for every position and employee, ensuring compliance with fair pay and pay equity rules, and updated pay ranges for every employee.

  2. Invest in technology, including an HR Information System, to streamline HR processes, improve communication, and enhance the employee experience.

  3. Encourage employee feedback by providing opportunities for employees to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the workplace. Then act on that feedback. This includes 1-on-1 stay interviews and overall employee engagement surveys.

  4. Set clear expectations around work hours, communication, and deliverables, and ensure that remote employees understand what is expected of them and how their performance will be evaluated.

  5. Develop a strong employer brand that highlights your mission, values, and culture, to attract and retain top talent and create a positive workplace culture.

  6. Prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, including implementing diverse hiring practices, offering unconscious bias training, and promoting an inclusive workplace culture.

  7. Ensure employees are connected with each other to promote a positive workplace culture and reduce turnover.

  8. Ensure that all managers understand the drivers of retention, culture, and HR metrics such as reasons employees stay or leave.

  9. Understand that the ability to adapt to change is a key leadership challenge in today's rapidly evolving world. (It might be THE key leadership challenge).

  10. Change hiring mindsets that prioritize experience over potential, intellect over the ability to focus, and education over the ability to learn.



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