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Age Discrimination Begins Early

Emily Brandon, writing in, quotes a report from Gray Hair Management, an Illnois-based outplacement firm. Gray Hair survey 900 executives to determine at what point does age begin to negatively affect hiring decisions. The executives said:

  1. Before age 50: 24 percent

  2. Between age 50 and 54: 39 percent

  3. Between age 55 and 59: 23 percent

  4. Age 60 or older: 11 percent

This is the first time I’ve seen statistics involving age discrimination by age.

Never ask a candidate how old they are. Never ask for proof of identification UNTIL AFTER a job offer has been given.

And never take any job action against an employee until you’re sure you can defend that action on the basis of business, and not a protected class such as age.

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