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Blogging and Networking on Company Time

The time Facebook members spend on the site must be staggering. And much of that time is likely spent during working hours.

Do you know what your employees are doing when they’re at work? And if its not myspace or facebook or linkedin, what about their own blog?

These issues illustrate the importance of having a handbook policy regarding blogging—either as a separate policy or as part of your electronic communications policy. The policy provide the following:

  1. Do not blog on company time.

  2. Do not disclose confidential information.

  3. Do not include defamatory or racially or sexually offensive material.

  4. Do not disparage the employer or its products, or a competitor.

  5. Do not use the company logo.

  6. Be truthful and respectful.

Given the increasing use of blogs and social networking sites, its time to update your handbook now.


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