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Managing Employees Who Have Body Art

But as this generation enters the workplace, visible tattoos can create issues in the office. According to this report via McClatchy Tribune, more and more people realize that visible body art creates a stigma – for employers and clients alike. And those employees are taking steps to cover their art during working hours.

That’s good news – but employers need to take the lead if they believe that tattoos (or excessive piercings, for that matter) are not good for business. Well-written policies should be created mandating what is expected of employees.

Some employers might say, “I don’t have that problem now – why deal with it?” The answer is because you don’t want to create a policy after your receptionist shows up on Monday morning with twelve rings in her nose, or your sales rep comes back after a weekend in Cabo with a snake tattoo on his face.

Get in front of this issue – like all issues – before it happens.


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