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Obesity Costs Employers $165 Billion

A new report from Health Media, Inc. indicates that obesity costs employers $165 Billion in medical care and lost productivity.

Since it is illegal to take any action against an employee or job candidate because of their weight, employers are faced with a dilemma: what to do about it?

Many Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have a wellness component, in which affected employees can participate at little or no cost in weight loss and related courses.

Of course, many employers do not participate in EAPs, primarily because of cost reasons.

Yet some studies indicate that offering EAPs may result in various benefits for employers, including lower medical costs, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and higher employee productivity and morale.

And if your business is sharing in the $165 Billion, an investment in an EAP may be the cheapest medicine of all.

You can check out EAPs through the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


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