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What Employers Must Do In 2008

Our annual Special Report: The 14 Things Employers Must Do In 2008 – is now available for free on our website. Every year, new laws and best practices change. Here are the 14 things California employers need to do as the new year begins:

  1. Military Spouse Leave

  2. Minimum Wage Changes

  3. Computer Professional Hourly Rate Lowered

  4. Workers’ Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits

  5. Notice of Earned Income Credit Rights

  6. Cell Phone Usage While Driving

  7. Changes to Itemized Pay Statements

  8. New I-9 Form

  9. New EEO-1 Form

  10. New Posters/Pamphlets

  11. Separate Arbitration Agreements Necessary

  12. Workers’ Compensation

  13. Health Care and Whistleblower Protection

  14. Employees Must be able to Cash Paychecks Without Cost


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