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Workplace Litigation Trends Report

This is the 7th year that Fulbright & Jaworski has surveyed senior corporate counsel regarding litigation.  I’m focusing on the responses that affect businesses – and selecting those answers.  The results are illuminating!

In which area is there the most litigation pending in the U.S.?

Contacts: 53% Labor & Employment: 49% Personal Injury: 27% (participants could pick more than one type)

In which area has there been the greatest increase in multi-plaintiff cases whether they be class, collective action, or significant multiple plaintiff action? Wage & Hour: 46% Labor Union: 13% Age: 11% ERISA: 10% [What types of cases] will see the greatest increase in 2011? Discrimination: 39% Wage & Hour:35% Labor Union: 17% ERISA: 5%

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