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SymmetryHIRE's Unique Hiring Process use proven solution that allows you focus on the interviewing and selection while we focus on finding great candidates for you. And we can be there with you from developing a posting to sitting with you at interview time.


The Symmetry Unique Hiring Process:

Includes some or all of the following:

  • Develop a series of criteria that will ensure selected candidates will understand and share your mission, passion and understanding of the position;

  • Draft a written position description for your approval, which will be compliant with federal and state job requirements and appropriate for placement in job wanted media;

  • Place job wanted postings in appropriate online media;

  • Track applicants through our Applicant Tracking Sytem (ATS)

  • Review and screen resumes and applicants of potential employees;

  • Conduct phone/video screens of candidates

  • Conduct in-person or virtual interviews of semi-finalist candidates;

  • Conduct Kolbe© Assessments of semi-finalists;

  • Prepare and train company hiring managers on interviewing techniques and potential questions for candidates

  • Present final candidates to executives for interviews

  • Review all criteria and documentation with hiring team to assist in making a great selection;

  • Conduct reference checks of the selected candidate;

  • Prepare offer letter and conduct onboarding program on employee’s first day of hire



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