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Cheerful Business Meeting

Why pay for a full-time HR professional on your staff when you can get the same quality advice, services, programs and support for a fraction of the cost? We'll provide a certified and experienced Virtual HR Director who will be available to you when needed via e-mail, video, phone and when needed, on-site.


Dedicated HR Advisor - unlimited use


Annual Services

  • Employee Handbook - update

  • HR Compliance Audit

  • Employee Hotline

  • Symmetry Central Membership

  • Ondemand Tactical Manager Training Webinars

  • Vendor Vet - Benefits Broker, Payroll, HRIS

  • Vendor Vet - Other HR Technology or Services

  • Employee File Review & Compliance

  • Onboarding/Offboarding Support

  • Monthly Employee Turnover Report

  • Poster Kits


    Quarterly Projects (one per quarter):

  • Audit - 1099's

  • Audit - Equal Pay

  • Audit - Exempt/Non-Exempt

  • Audit - I-9

  • Audit - Minimum Wage Compliance

  • Job Descriptions - Design/Update

  • Kolbe - A to A (for C-levels)

  • KPI Development

  • Process Design: Discipline

  • Process Design: Termination

  • Process Design: Talent Acquisition

  • Process Compliance (RTW, CAT plans, etc.)


    Additional Benefits:

  • 10% discount to Tanzanite Leadership Programs


    Symmetry HR Outsourcing Business Meeting
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