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What do you do?

We provide all of the services you see in a Fortune 1000 company’s Human Resources Department – employee relations advice, policy development, management and leadership training, culture and organizational strategies – but we provide those services to the thousands of businesses not in the Fortune 1000.


What type of clients do you serve?

Our clients cover all industries, and we work with businesses from start-ups to those with thousands of employees.  Our clients have employees in 46 states and 4 countries, and we are proud to offer our services to over 29,000 client employees.


What is a “HR Advisor” ?

It’s one of our real life HR professionals, dedicated to you and your business. You can contact your Virtual HR Advisor via phone, e-mail or video. How we’re different than your local HR Consultant is that we have a team of professionals available to you who support your Virtual HR Advisor. So if your Advisor is busy, or on vacation, you can reach anyone on our team for prompt, accurate, and professional advice. For a list of our HR Advisors, click here.


What HR Services don’t you provide?

We want to focus on what we do best – HR outsourcing; employee relations advice; strategic advice and leadership training.  We therefore don’t provide payroll, benefits, or insurance (but we have trusted partners who do!) We are have vast experience vetting potential vendors in these areas for our clients.


How do I get started?

Call or e-mail us.  We’ll conduct a free, no-obligation evaluation of your needs with you, and agree on any services you might want.  It’s that simple!

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