Just the basics — you get access to your Virtual HR Advisor for up to 10 hours a month, plus updates, required documents and required training, all virtual & digital and all through your exclusive SymmetryCentral™ portal.


  • HR Advisor via phone, e-mail or video

  • Annual HR Procedural Review

  • Alerts on new local/federal laws, rules, regulations

  • Employee Onboarding Documents

  • Employee Offboarding Documents

  • Employee Handbook Updated annually

Additional Benefits:

  • 5% discount to Tanzanite Leadership Programs

  • Discounts when you upgrade to next level


(w/ HR Advisor up to 2 hours/month)


(w/ HR Advisor up to 5 hours/month)


(w/ HR Advisor up to 10 hours/month)

plus a one-time setup fee of $695