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6 Benefits to Outsourcing HR

Outsourcing HR functions is no longer an adventurous move reserved for only the most innovative companies. Its rising popularity across both local and international scenes underscores its growing acceptance.

Consider the scenario of an online retail business. You might have a dedicated person for managing your website and IT needs. However, when it comes to developing a customer app, the preference often leans towards hiring external expertise rather than training existing staff, due to the specialized skills required.

This logic extends to HR tasks. Even with a dedicated HR staff member on board, the complexity and breadth of HR knowledge required—coupled with the high cost of errors—make outsourcing an attractive option.

Here are key advantages to outsourcing HR tasks:
  1. Cost Savings and Reduced Administrative Overheads Outsourcing HR can lead to significant savings, often reducing expenses by over 20% compared to managing all HR tasks internally. It also allows businesses to concentrate on their primary operations and customer interactions, with the added confidence that HR tasks are managed by experts.

  2. Expanded Service Offerings Outsourcing can enable businesses, especially smaller ones, to offer services and benefits previously out of reach, thanks to the economies of scale accessible to HR providers working with a diverse client base.

  3. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction Even if you employ skilled HR personnel, outsourcing certain HR functions can be crucial. It can help prevent HR issues from impacting other business areas, aiding in risk mitigation and potentially leading to a happier, more productive workforce. Research from Oxford University indicates that happier employees are 13% more productive, which positively affects the business's success.

  4. Risk Management and Compliance Outsourcing HR helps businesses stay abreast of and comply with frequently changing employment and labor laws, thus minimizing legal risks. HR professionals dedicated to outsourcing tasks ensure that company policies are both current and legal.

  5. Streamlined Operations Outsourcing can enhance operational efficiency, particularly in areas like payroll and compliance management, freeing up time for employers and managers to focus on more strategic tasks.

  6. Improved Performance Management In today's competitive business environment, managing and developing employee performance is crucial. Outsourcing HR functions related to performance management can equip a business with the best tools and strategies for ensuring employees meet company goals.

As the business landscape evolves rapidly, the debate over the value and necessity of HR outsourcing continues. However, the evidence points towards significant benefits, particularly in allowing business leaders to focus more on core business strategies while ensuring the "people" aspect is expertly managed. Just like choosing a specialist for critical medical procedures, in the complex world of HR, specialized knowledge and skills are indispensable.

Symmetry HR Outsourcing is Here to Help

At Symmetry HR, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your dedicated HR Advisor will work with you to understand your business’s unique needs and recommend personalized services to drive your success. From ensuring your foundational HR is on point, to in-depth strategic HR planning that addresses and solves business problems and contributes to major long-term objectives, there are lots of ways we can work with you.

We’re flexible, we think and deliver with intention, and we never leave your side. We serve you and your employees, and we help point your business toward success.

Contact us for more information: or give us a call at 818-461-1874

Symmetry HR Outsourcing - 6 Benefits of HR Outsourcing



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