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Are You Happy With Your HR Department?

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CEO's and business owners: are you happy with your HR department?

We’re asked all the time – “We need help with HR” – but what does that really mean? Are you looking for strategy, compliance, or administrative help?

And scarier – what about businesses and organizations that aren’t asking that question. What don’t they know that they need to?

In small businesses, you might be happy with your HR person, or with the way HR is being handled. But just for fun, take this short questionnaire.

What is your level of confidence - on a scale of 1-10 - in your HR Department to:

  1. Lead the Hybrid Workplace Movement?

  2. Be a strategic partner?

  3. Keep up-to-date with state and federal labor laws?

  4. Know what the most impactful HR technologies are?

  5. Be accessible to employees and management?

  6. Integrate automation/technology into the HR function?

  7. Coordinate and offer the best possible benefits?

  8. Effective coordinate and teach performance reviews?

  9. Guide effective leadership and organizational strategy?

  10. Manage employee relations issues?

  11. Innovate the Training & Development function?

  12. Ensure Workplace Safety?

  13. Manage employee compensation?

  14. Lead the recruiting, interviewing & hiring process?

Now - tell me again: are you happy with your HR Department?



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